Resplendent Bureaucracy

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The Resplendent Bureaucracy is the governing body of the Kalistocracy of Druma. All of its members, along with a sizable percentage of the general population of Druma, are followers of a semi-religious philosophy known as the Prophecies of Kalistrade, a series of rules, strictures, and laws that preach the accumulation of wealth for its own sake. The Resplendent Bureaucracy is made up of powerful merchant-lords, most of whom only work part-time. The rest of the time they pursue other business ventures. Most merchant-lords only hold terms of eight to ten years before moving on to more (or less) profitable opportunities, although there are some who stay longer and see the Bureaucracy's steady income as a more secure source of revenue (a somewhat un-Drumish attitude). Lifelong service to the Resplendent Bureaucracy is very rare, and is only practiced by apostates of the Prophecies.1

The Resplendent Bureaucracy is overseen by the High Prophet of Druma, the nation's ultimate position of financial influence. This position is currently held by the High Prophet Kelldor.1


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