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Small city
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 65

The city of Twingate is located in the north of the nation of Druma on the Gulf of Accord. It is a semipermanent city of tents where the curious come to be initiated into the mysteries of the Prophecies of Kalistrade.1


This city is made up almost entirely of white canvas tents surrounding two towers that give it its name. Two winding wooden stairs lead to the top of the towers, where they are joined by a bridge. The bridge can easily be demolished if the towers are ever attacked.1


Anyone interested in joining the Prophets of Kalistrade comes to Twingate to be enlightened. The exact size of the population fluctuates throughout the year, but never drops below about 500 of the initiated lecturing to a group of seekers ten times its size. Some spend as little as a week here, while others spend years attempting to reach enlightenment. Twice a day (at sunrise and sunset) a horn is blown from the top of the towers, and a prophet leads the entire city in the recitation of the philosophy's central tenets. During these proceedings, everyone is garbed in the traditional white robes and gloves of the Kalistrocracy.1