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Nation Druma
Size Large city
Population 18,300
Demonym Kersites
Adjective Kersite[1]

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 63

Situated at the mouth of the Profit's Flow on Lake Encarthan, Kerse (pronounced KERS)[2] is the capital of the Kalistocracy of Druma and also its largest city.[3] A native of Kerse is known as a Kersite.[4]


Even though the ostentatious display of wealth is a prerequisite in all Drumish cities (thanks to its inhabitants' devotion to the Prophecies of Kalistrade), Kerse is ne plus ultra in this regard. Even the most common dwellings resemble manor homes, with municipal buildings and the homes of the upper classes resembling palaces. The brick used in their construction is flecked with gemstones, and great statues made of valuable alloys line the streets.[5]

Places of Interest

The Guilded Vault Opulent is the city's center of Prophet activity. It includes offices, a bathhouse, a banquet hall, and a sculpture garden, all of which present varied stages for devoted adherents to flaunt their personal wealth.[6]


The peace treaty known as the Kerse Accord was signed in 2332 AR in the capital, ended the 700-year-long civil war (the 19th of the Five Kings Wars) between the five dwarven kingdoms in the Five Kings Mountains (Gardadth, Saggorak, Doggadth, Grakodan, and Taggoret).[7][8][9] The treaty was negotiated with the help of the Drumish delegation, who negotiated that the land at the foot of the Five Kings Mountains would become part of the new nation of Druma.[10]


Despite all this wealth, crime is virtually non-existent in Kerse, thanks to the overzealous presence of the country's Mercenary League, who make their headquarters here. The Blackjackets, already known for their fanatical devotion to the members of the Kalistocracy, take their devotion to a new level when guarding the homes and streets of their capital; very little escapes their eye, while the buildings are protected with powerful magical wards, bound creatures from the Great Beyond, and diviners constantly scrying for the slightest wrongdoing.[5]


Kerse is a large center for trade in the Inner Sea region. Not only does much of the dwarven trade from the Five Kings Mountains flow through the city (consisting mostly of metal tools, weapons, and armor),[11] but Kerse's location on the Gulf of Accord gives it access to the markets of Molthune, Nirmathas, Lastwall, Ustalav, Razmiran, and Kyonin.[12]


Even though the Drumish government does not forbid the establishment of religion, they also do not encourage it.[5] Underground veiled mystery cults devoted to numerous empyreal lords have sprung up in the city from time to time.[13]