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Nation Druma
Region Argent Reach
Size Small city
Population 8,200
Demographics 4,590 humans, 2,160 dwarves, 520 undines, 930 other
Government Council
Alignment Lawful neutral

Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 39

The main shipyard that powers the naval arm of Druma's mercantile empire, the city of Detmer sits on a rocky outcrop that is thrust out into the Gulf of Accord on Lake Encarthan. It is from here that the barges and caravels that cross the lake and ensure Druma's wealth are launched. The city is famous for its Sapphire Harbor which, thanks to Druma's incredible wealth, is a lot more literal description than most people think.[1] Very little trade (at least by Drumish standards) actually takes place in Detmer, as it is primarily focused on shipbuilding and maintenance. The Drumish Navy is headquartered here as well, providing security in the Gulf of Accord and wherever else Drumish merchant ships travel in the pursuit of trade.[2]