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Titles King
Race/Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Homeland Tar Taargadth, Five Kings Mountains

Source: Dwarves of Golarion, pg(s). 8

Taargick was the first great dwarf king.[1] He arose to power in -5133 AR, when he founded the nation of Tar Taargadth reuniting the the splintered factions of dwarves with a combination of diplomacy, plain speaking and the judicious use of military subjugation.[2] He continued his campaigns and in -4987 the dwarves had finished the Quest for Sky.[3][4]

A favored battle song of the dwarves of the Ninth Battalion is "Taargick and the Quest for Sky".[5] One of Taargick's field commanders was Commander Helmrunner of the Ever-Advancing Legion, one of Taargick's first armies to breach the surface.[6]