Battle of Screaming Tree

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The Battle of Screaming Tree is a historic conflict that took place in the eastern Blood Plains of the Hold of Belkzen, just west of the Flood Road in 4051 AR.1 It forever changed the region and the history of the struggle over central Belkzen. The Screaming Tree, now located at this site, serves as a constant reminder of the pain wrought on this battlefield.2



In 4043 AR, General Kazavon, a mercenary from Ustalav, rose to power and established dominance over the orc-populated lands in Belkzen. General Kazavon had initially led a successful campaign against marauding orc tribes that had been raiding the province of Tamrivena. Then, instead of returning to Ustalav, Kazavon chose to solidify his position by constructing the imposing fortress of Scarwall in the eastern foothills of the Kodor Mountains. From within this stronghold, he declared himself the leader of his newly formed realm. Leaders from Ustalav and Lastwall attempted to send messengers to Scarwall to open communications with this new leader. Instead, Kazavon flayed the messengers alive, and sent their newly animated skins back to their leaders with his own, much simply message: "Submit or die".2

The Battle

Count Andachi of Ustalav, Kazavon's former employer, tried to challenge Kazavon's tyrannical rule by raising an army made up of fresh recruits and marching it into Belkzen to confront this new warlord. In 4051 AR, a battle took place in the Blood Plains southwest of Scarwall and resulted in a resounding victory for General Kazavon. His well-trained human and orc mercenaries decimated the inexperienced forces of Count Andachi, leaving them in a state of disarray.2

The Aftermath

Following the battle, General Kazavon displayed his merciless nature by capturing 50 of Count Andachi's officers. These unfortunate captives were impaled upon a colossal thorn tree, known thereafter as the Screaming Tree. The haunting screams of the impaled officers echoed across the plains for days, instilling fear and dread among the inhabitants of the region.2

This battle now holds a dark reputation, and is regarded as a site of great supernatural significance. The battlefield site is shunned by both the local orc tribes and the Shoanti people who occasionally traverse the Blood Plains. The immense suffering and anguish endured during the battle caught the attention of Sugroz, a velstrac demagogue known as the Voice in Screams. Sugroz transformed the tree into an intelligent plant creature called an irminsul, serving as a portal to a plane of unrelenting pain and suffering ruled by Sugroz and populated by their sadistic minions.2

General Kazavon would continue his rule of the region until 4063 AR.2


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