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Source: Borne by the Sun's Grace, pg(s). 64

Talípas is a city in the Arcadian nation of Xopatl that is renowned for brewing and distillation. Once Talípas was little more than just another sleepy fishing village sat along Xopatl's western coastline but in the last few centuries it has instead embraced distillation and grown in size enormously. Various lake plants found on Lake Tapipallati, which surrounds the island Talípas is built on, can be crushed into a paste that is then fermented for several weeks. The drink created from this fermentation, also called "Talípas", is highly intoxicating. The exact process of creating the drink Talípas is such a closely guarded secret that the brewers and distillers of the city are willing to kill to ensure it remains secret.1


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