House of Yanti Purnállo

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The House of Yanti Purnállo is the home of the last remaining hero-god of Xopatl, Purnállo. While most of the hero-god are mythic figures of ancient history who have long since ascended to true godhood, disappeared or died Purnállo chose a different path. Thousands of years ago Purnállo undertook a unique process, she began to meditate while ritually wrapping herself in the enhanced vines and leaves of Xopatl's plant life, eventually effectively mummifying herself while still alive. This mummification resulted in Purnállo reducing even her essential life processes to an almost imperceptibly slow speed. Over the centuries the people of Xopatl erected a temple around the remains of Purnállo and now the people flock in pilgrimage to the House of Yanti Purnállo to hear the saint's heart beat once per century.1


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