Xopatl Mountain

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Xopatl Mountain is located at the centre of the Arcadian nation of Xopatl1 and is all that remains of the mountains that once covered the entire nation.2 Xopatl was formed after a massive fragment of the Starstone struck Arcadia in the Mildanesi Mountains at the start of the Age of Darkness. The hero-gods of Xopatl found this shard and, after throwing off the yoke of the Razatlan Empire, destroyed the mountains to create the area that is modern Xopatl.3 Xopatl Mountain is the sole remaining mountain, left looming in place at the nation's centre.2

Xopatl Mountain is a massive volcano, but the hero-gods enchanted it so that it would never erupt unless given a specific command, the idea being that the hero-gods could use this should Xopatl ever completely fall to invaders. Xopatl Mountain now has 10,000 years of magma built up below it, and none left alive know what the magical command is that would cause Xopatl Mountain to erupt.2