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Source: Borne by the Sun's Grace, pg(s). 66

Ñarula is a city in the south-west of Xopatl that once thrived on logging the nearby Manzinago Forest but which, with the ever growing danger of the Deepweave infestation, has been forced to adapt. Ñarula once grew rich from exporting its timber across Xopatl and to the neighbouring kingdom of Nalmeras but, since the Deepweave infestation, the forest has grown dangerous with carnivorous plants that devour any who enter it. Now the people of Ñarula have taken to ranching, using arcane secrets shared by the city of Jolizpan. Ñarula's citizens have created their own arcane ley lines near their ranches. This has resulted in livestock that is truly huge in size but some locals fear that because of their prodigious size these livestock can no longer be truly controlled by the ranchers.1


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