Three sisters of Simarron

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The tale of the three sisters of Simarron is one of the oldest fables of the fey.

According to the tale, three beautiful fey princesses lived in the delightful forest of Simarron in the First World. Suitors came from far and wide to seek their hands in marriage, and the three sisters vied with each other to obtain the best complements and the finest gifts.

Eventually, this friendly rivalry turned darker, as the sisters became vain and jealous of each other. Their inner corruption began to be expressed by the forest itself, which gradually became a nightmare realm of twisted trees. The sisters lost their beauty and became grotesque caricatures of their former selves.

The blight of Simmaron threatened to spread beyond the forest and into the rest of the First World, so the powers among the fey were moved to take action. They razed the forest to the ground, and banished the sisters to Golarion. There, they became the first hags.

Caillea became the first annis hag, Jurissa became the first green hag and Neithrope became the first sea hag.1