Hag eye

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Hag eye
(Magic item)

Item Level (2E)
Item 3
Usage (2E)
Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 37 (1E)
Monster Core, pg(s). 188 (2E)

A hag eye is a magic item that appears to be a semiprecious stone. In fact, they are created by hag covens from disembodied eyeballs. Hag covens often give them to their minions to wear.234

The hags of the coven are able to look through the hag eye as long as it is on the same plane as them. If the hag eye is destroyed, a hag looking through it suffers injury and temporary blindness.24

Hag eye ooze

Hags can perform a ritual to create an ooze that incorporates a hag eye. Known as a hag eye ooze, these creatures serve as covert, autonomous surveillers. A hag eye ooze that consumes additional hag eyes becomes a coven ooze.5


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