Winter hag

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Winter hag
Cailleach, the Hag of Winter's Night, a winter hag.

Winter hags are a species of hags that haunt cold plains and forests, and use their control of the weather, subtle charms, and illusions to enslave, sow mistrust, and eventually destroy entire communities.12 Winter hags are well-suited to chill winter weather as they can readily see through snow storms, are immune to any dangers from low temperatures, and find traversing and climbing ice and snow easy.2


A winter hag has black or dark purple, frostbitten skin, white hair, and a personally crafted black ice staff,2 maybe decorated with bones and gems. A typical winter hag stands between five and six feet tall and weighs 100 pounds.1[citation needed]


Winter hags have an irrepressible taste for flesh and can cause constant snowfalls on a village to extort meat or slaves from them. Natives to such cold-climate areas are nervous when old women who are strangers come to visit a village in fear of the tales told of winter hags and what fell purposes they have for their settlements.2 The hags often use their magic to subjugate evil humanoid tribes and rule over them as queens, though such arrangements rarely last.1[citation needed]


Changelings born to winter hags are known as winter-born changelings or snow mays, and are known for their creative, playful personalities and quick tempers.3


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