Torag's Breath

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Torag's Breath is a strange air river, comprised exclusively of magical winds from the Elemental Plane of Air, floating 10,000 feet above sea level. The river has its source at Torag's Mouth, the smallest of Droskar's Crag's two craters. It winds once around the mountain before flowing lazily northeast into the heart of the mountain range. Torag's Breath flows for almost 250 miles among the many peaks of the Five Kings Mountains before ending at an alpine meadow low on the flank of Mount Mist in Druma. The magic of its gentle winds allows the air to hold aloft a vessel and in fact anything that can float on water (even tree branches and other flotsam).

The air river was discovered in 3997 AR by the dwarven volcanologist and explorer Rinehardt Morotok. Experiments has shown that Torag's Breath provides exactly the same amount of buoyancy as a normal river of the same size. Just before its collapse, Imperial Cheliax managed to build a large sailing ship, the Chimera's Wing, and put it afloat within the air river. The ship rests at anchor along the flank of Mount Visoka in Druma. Due to its remote location and elevation, the air river never became an important route. Nevertheless, a small number of boats and ships wait at anchor along the river, and some others lie smashed on mountain sides.

Gnomes enjoy navigating Torag's Breath, and most active vessels belong to or are crewed by gnomes (who do not usually have the reputation of skilled sailors).1


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