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Large city
Almost entirely dwarven
Source: Dwarves of Golarion, pg(s). 13

Larrad is a large dwarven city in the region of Five Kings Mountains. The city is built up around a cluster of temple-caverns carved out by the dwarves in ancient times during the first period after the completion of their Quest for Sky. The temple-caverns served as a place of worship their gods and as a necropolis for their honored dead. Over the centuries, the temples grew into great complexes hosting many dwarven clerics and acolytes. At the same time the support settlements around the temples expanded and overlapped.1

Larrad's necropolis is used by only the renowned members of dwarven aristocracy. The Cathedral of Magrim still maintains the tombs of the Five Kings' oldest residents, and employs necromantic magic to commune with the spirits of the ancestors. The Cathedral also support expeditions into the ruins of Saggorak which is under threat from undead and creatures from the Darklands.1


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