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Nation Five Kings Mountains
Size Small city
Population 6,875
Demographics Almost entirely dwarves
Leader General Hayla Sagginsdottir

Source: Dwarves of Golarion, pg(s). 14-15

Rolgrimmdur is built among the ruins of Grakodan by Khadon's engineers, and is now one of the most fortified dwarven cities in Five Kings Mountains.[1] It is located about 50 miles southwest of the capital city of Highhelm.[2]


Most of the city's defenses are located underground, protecting it from any intrusions from the Darklands below. Above ground, a tall gatehouse overlooks the eastern part of the city as well as the pass between Rolgrimmdur and the neighboring city of Highhelm.[3]

Warrior philosophy

The city has a warrior-based philosophy because it was re-founded by soldiers. Dwarven children here study combat before they can read. Many human military officers come to the city to study warfare. Despite this military focus, Rolgrimmdur is not overly aggressive, preferring to supply trained troops both domestically and abroad. Mercenaries and siege weapons from Rolgrimmdur are exported to the fortresses of the Five Kings Mountains but also to the nations of Druma and Andoran.[1][3]