Carved Kings

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One of the five Carved Kings.

To commemorate the peace treaty known as Kerse Accord that ended a 700-year period of civil war between the five dwarven kingdoms in the Five Kings Mountains, the dwarves carved great monuments of their leaders into the sides of the mountains that overlook the most important passes in the region. These monuments are collectively known as the Carved Kings.1

The dwarves of Taggoret carved the image of King Taggrick I, founder of their kingdom, such as to dominate the side of Mount Langley overlooking the Kingtower Pass. The other four nations made monuments of their current leaders who signed the treaty. The king of Saggorak, King Harral is depicted in the storm-crowned heights of the Lighting Top mountain. The image of King Kazmukh, ruler of the Doggadth, stands over the Great Pass looking as he peers down from the ramparts of Fort Dagh. King Rolgrimm of Grakodan looks over Low Pass. Finally, the fifth monument is that of the ruler of Gardadth, King Madgrim IX.1