Broken Tower

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The Broken Tower is located in the Five Kings Mountains, on Mount Gustus, about 2 miles up the road from Kingtower Pass that marks the northern border of both Darkmoon Vale and Andoran. The tower was an engineering marvel when it stood 200 feet high with a base width of 100 feet. Now the tower lays strewn in eight pieces across the southwestern flank of Mount Gustus.

Each massive piece of the tower is at least 25 feet long. The base of the tower that remains standing, rises to around 20 feet at its highest point and one of its sides has been collapsed. The dwarven architect and sage, Garson Felskran, identified the architectural style as that of the dwarven empire under the rule of King Sidrik III, who reigned 3919 AR to 4111 AR. Explorers at the Broken Tower's ruins have uncovered evidence of a tunnel complex beneath the tower, the entrance to which has long-since caved in.1


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