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The Tempest Queen
Source: From Hell's Heart, pg(s). 68

Urtleytlar is a scylla and one of the lesser Spawn of Rovagug.1


Urtleytlar's alternate form is a strangely beautiful cyclops, perhaps because of a kinship she feels with the ancient empire of Ghol-Gan that used to rule her current home. This alternate form has tricked many explorers of Ghol-Gan, easing them into complacency before Urtleytlar consumes them.1


After having escaped from the Dead Vault into Orv, Urtleytlar swam the Sightless Sea for centuries, raiding drow coastal settlements in Sekamina before making it up the Braid, raiding the Inverted Sea's alghollthus and emerging into the broken continent of Azlant.1

Urtleytlar spent her first millennia on the surface terrorising the Arcadian eastern coast. After Aroden's death, Urtleytlar felt the ensuing surge of chaos and the call of Rovagug to the east, to the Inner Sea region. She saw the Eye of Abendego as a manifestation of the Rough Beast's destructive power, delights in it, and preaches Rovagug's words of destruction through the ruin she sows.1


Urtleytlar has gathered numerous evil aquatic humanoids and sailors, who extend her reach to the Sodden Lands and Shackles. Some say she guides foolish sailors hoping to sail into the storm, providing them temporary safety in exchange for a taste of their souls.1

A handful of Urtleytlar's boggard slaves offer slaves to her as sacrifices. She makes choice selections among them, leaving the scraps to the boggards. She enjoys their adoration, even though the boggards are not necessary for her plans of conquest.1

Urtleytlar also counts in her service hundreds of ulat-kinis in the sunken ruins of Lirgen. They deal with the boggards and humans in the Sodden Lands, provide Urtleytlar with slaves and food, and she strengthens their reach by aiding them in their destructive endeavours.1

Urtleytlar uses Megrexti, her charybdis counterpart, as a living weapon, sending it into the middle of fleets and delighting in the ensuing mayhem.1


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