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Volnagur summoned by a priest of Rovagug.
Type Magical beast
CR 22
Environment Any (Casmaron)
Images of Volnagur

Source: Inner Sea Bestiary, pg(s). 48

Volnagur, the End-Singer, is one of the Spawn of Rovagug. It arrived after Ulunat, though the date of its arrival is unknown.[1] Volnagur is among the four spawn best known in Avistan.

Volnagur had wings[1] and has been spotted throughout Garund, Casmaron, and Arcadia.[2] There are further reports of Volnagur in the traditions surrounding Sarusan.[2][3]

Volnagur's first known appearance was at the site of Holy Xatramba in 909 AR (not then founded), where it was defeated. If this were its first appearance, it must be the last of the Spawn. It was been defeated above the Zho Mountains in 1540 AR, and in the valleys surrounding Mount Na-Ken in 2062 AR.

In 4540 AR, a mining colony in Sargava consisting of 8,000 people went out of communication. A later expedition discovered that all had perished in a chaotic internal melée. The recent consensus is that it was Volnagur's work.[2] Prior to 4711 AR, most assumed that Volnagur was dead.[1][4]


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