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Type Magical beast
CR 20
Environment any

Source: The Final Wish, pg(s). 88-89

Wrath-Blazing Xotani, the Firebleeder,[1] was a Spawn of Rovagug. It haunted northern Garund and its portion of Nar-Voth. Scholars blame it for the wastes of Katapesh, Nex, and southern Osirion.[2] It did not cross the Inner Sea and appears not to have delved into Sekamina.

Circa 2100 AR, the Legion of Wands—comprised of genie binders from Katapesh, sand mages from Osirion, archmages from Nex, and others from across Garund—formed, and in 2104 AR[3] the Legion trapped Xotani in the Brazen Peaks of Katapesh. After a battle lasting "a day and a night", they defeated it.[4]


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