Acorn's Rest

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Acorn's Rest
Nation Nirmathas
Region Marideth River valley
Size Village
Population 100
Ruler Duskwater
Leader Androssana

Source: Fangwood Keep, pg(s). 30

Acorn's Rest is a small village located in the portion of the Fangwood south of the Marideth River in Nirmathas. Most of its residents are druids attempting to maintain the forest during the nation's war with Molthune.[1][2]

The druids of Acorn's Rest are friendly and open to visitors who respect the Fangwood.[2]


Acorn's Rest is run by the druid Duskwater, though most don't share her beliefs about the Eye of Abendego being a child of Gozreh.[2]

The village's druids research a cure for the nearby Dark Grove, which resident Androssana believes is Abyssal in nature.[2]


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