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Nation Nirmathas
Region Nesmian Plains
Size Small town
Population 398
Demographics 305 humans, 32 half-orcs, 21 dwarves, 17 half-elves, 28 others
Government Council
Alignment Chaotic good
Adjective Phaendari
Ruler None
Leader Father Noelan

Source: Trail of the Hunted, pg(s). 66–67

The town of Phaendar is located in southern Nirmathas on the southern bank of the Marideth River near the Chernasardo region of the Fangwood. Despite its small size, it is one of the largest settlements in the Nesmian Plains. The town grew out of a Chelish stronghold which itself was built on top of an outpost of the Shining Crusade. The residents of Phaendar, most of whom are skilled craftspeople, mistrust authority and the town has little to no standing government. Most of the town's law enforcement needs are provided by the Chernasardo Rangers who frequent the town to trade for supplies.[1]

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