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Small town
Source: Trail of the Hunted, pg(s). 67

The town of Folarth is located in southern Nirmathas near the Deepcut River.1


Originally settled by dwarves as a outpost for Kraggodan soldiers joining the Shining Crusade, this town was originally named Folgrit's Hearth after the dwarven goddess, Folgrit. It evolved into a hospice for veterans of the crusade. The natural hot springs that the town contained became renowned for their curative qualities. However, Folarth has come upon hard times, and has shed most of its population and can no longer maintain the baths that made it famous.1

Current situation

As the Nesmian Plains are close to the border of Molthune, Folarth faces a depopulation crisis. The ornate golden structures that the dwarves originally built have crumbled. Folarth still sees a few injured veterans seeking the power of the hot springs. It also sells its mineral water to Tamran.1


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