Fort Trevalay

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Fort Trevalay is the only fortress that the Chernasardo Rangers built entirely themselves. It is located in the Southern Fangwood and is constructed atop a massive stone column in the center of a spacious and deep gorge formed by the Sixjaws River. Fort Trevalay was built in 4687 AR of the same light gray stone that it stands upon and is accessible only via rope bridges. It was designed from the start to fully meet the rebels' needs. It features a training hall, war room, and forge as well as many other necessary accommodations. It is the most defensible of the Chernasardo Rangers' forts. The buildings within the fort are 10 feet high, except for the main tower which rises to a height of 45 feet. The stone curtain wall around the fort is 12 feet high and rises from the edge of the stone pillar upon which the fort is built.123


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