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Nation Nirmathas
Size Large town
Population 3,200
Demographics 2,700 humans, 200 elves, 100 dwarves, 100 halflings, 100 other
Government Autocracy
Alignment Neutral good
Demonym Crowstumpers[1]
Ruler Mayor Samar Tyn
Leader Captain Tamin Westiron, Nathar Arod, Sister Gorma Narrin

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 22-23

Crowstump is a port town at the mouth of the Tourondel River where it enters Lake Encarthan. It serves as a waypoint for Mendevian Crusaders due to its proximity to southern Lastwall and lively selection of taverns, but is also known as a regional center of academia, trade market, and relatively peaceful settlement in a chaotic region.[2]


Crowstump rings a small but deep harbor of western Lake Encarthan and extends about half a mile inland. Groves of the Fangwood are north and south of the town, with roads leading into the woods as well as a road off to the west.[3]

The town includes many taverns, the walled Willow Keep, the Wood Lodge near the center of town, and a small academy of magic near the town's edge.[2]


Mayor Samar Tyn was elected by town elders representing craft and trade guilds. In his campaign, Tyn promised to improve trade with Lastwall and ports on Lake Encarthan. Captain Tamin Westiron represents Lastwall as a peacekeeper for Mendevian Crusaders visiting the town's taverns on their way to Mendev, particularly the Gilded Orc and Thirsty Owlbear.[2]


Crowstump was founded as a supply stockade for the Shining Crusade during their battle against the Whispering Tyrant. Its name is inspired by the crows who cawed at the first settlers to chop down trees for the stockade, a behavior the birds still exhibit.[2]


Renowned scholar Nathar Arod, who specializes in the history of Lake Encarthan and its surrounding region, calls Crowstump his home.[2]


Paizo published a map of Crowstump on page 22 of Lands of Conflict.

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