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The Darkblight is a supernatural infection that twists and perverts the natural world and those who inhabit it. Once found throughout the deepest sections of the Southern Fangwood of Nirmathas, it was pushed back as a result of the overthrow and death of Arlantia, the fey who had originally released it upon Golarion. It still exists in pockets throughout the Fangwood, but is being actively opposed by the fey Accressiel Court and its allies.12


The infection kills trees and corrupts the dryads who live within them. These evil fey once formed the army of the dryad Arlantia, but it is unknown if the corrupt dryads damaged the trees, or if the trees caused the dryad's corruption. Arlantia is said to have bound her defeated foes into the most diseased of the trees where they were transformed into shambling mounds.31


The Darkblight was first released in 4062 AR by the corrupted dryad Arlantia, a devotee of the demon lord Cyth-V'sug. It quickly spread among the fey, warping them in body and soul and helped bring about the fall of the fey Accressiel Court that protected the Fangwood for millennia. The court's queen, a glaistig named Gendowyn who had founded and ruled over the court for nearly 8,000 years, became Arlantia's prisoner.41

The Darkblight was actively opposed for generations by the Nirmathi humans living in the Fangwood in order to protect their homes. Arlantia was finally defeated by Nirmathi militia leaders in 4717 AR. Her downfall did not eliminate the Darkblight forever, and it still exists in pockets throughout the Southern Fangwood where agents of the Accressial Court and their allies actively seek to eliminate it.1


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