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A psychic wields telekinetic forces powered by aether.
This article covers the metaphysical phenomenon associated with telekinesis. For the archivist of the Dark Archive, see Aether Kels.
See also: Secondary element and quintessence

Aether, also known as pure force, is the physical result of the combination of essential energies of the Ethereal Plane with elemental energies.1234 It can act as a physical force against corporeal objects and mimic physical matter.3

Aether is the force behind telekinesis3 and sometimes considered a secondary element12 or quintessence (as the word means "fifth element"), though this definition is contentious.3 Marquise Cordelia Perseis, a scholar of magic theory, posited in her essay "On Essences" that aether and quintesesence are both physical manifestations of the metaphysical essence of Spirit, and that this nature is what distinguishes telekinetic and magical force from physical forces of Matter.5

On Golarion

Aether on Golarion predominantly manifests in Ustalav's Furrows, Tian Xia's Valashmai Jungle, Nar-Voth's Court of Ether, and the Mana Wastes.6

The Vudran elemental philosophy includes aether as one of five elements alongside air, earth, fire, and water that, when perfectly balanced, grant immortality and enlightenment.7 Some monks of Jalmeray suspect mastery over aether is how Irori ascended from mortality to godhood.4

In magic items

An aether appendage is a magical prosthesis designed by psychopomps that produces an incorporeal limb that can incorporate itself temporarily at will or while holding an object.8

Aether marbles are bombs that generate eddies of aetheric force that can extend into other planes and impact incorporeal beings and are often used in the study of paranormal phenomena.9

In the Great Beyond

Beings composed solely of aether are known as aether elementals and inhabit the Ethereal Plane.10


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