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A fire elemental, a being of pure elemental energy.

In much of the Inner Sea region,1 people consider all matter to be composed of four basic elements, or forms of elemental energy, or elemental forcesair, earth, fire, and water. Elemental creatures are outsiders that are created from these elements and reside in one of the four Elemental Planes associated with each element:2

As of 4723 AR, two additional elemental planes recently re-emerged:

Elements mix at the borders between Elemental Planes. The secondary elements formed at these planar points of friction can create elemental outsiders.2 Elemental energy can also be concentrated into planar power components.3

Other elements

As well as the traditional four-element philosophy common in the Inner Sea region and once mirrored in the Elemental Planes, there are others:


People of Minkai believe five elements exist: Earth, Fire, Void, Water, and Wind.4 Void energy forms from the friction between Elemental Planes and the Void, with the Shojinawa manor serving as a focal point of this friction on Golarion.5

Successor States

People of the Successor States believe five elements exist: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood.4 Wood energy was believed to be formed from the friction between Elemental Planes and the First World6 at least when Elemental Plane of Wood was absent.1


People of Vudra believe five elements exist: Aether (or Spirit), Air (or Wind), Earth, Fire, and Water.41

Among dwarves

Dwarven elementalists divide the elements into sky, stone, and metal, a legacy of the ancient Quest for Sky.1

Among elves

Elven elementalists closely relate the elements of earth, water, and wood to habitation.1

Among goblins

Individual goblin elementalists often name up to 10 arbitrary concepts as elements, with drink, fire, food, and sleep among the most common.1

Elemental magic

Several magic users can harness elemental powers, particularly kineticists7 and elementalists.8

Elemental augmentations

An elemental augmentation is a type of wondrous item which permanently alters a portion of the recipient's body by infusing it with elemental energy. An augmented body part is forever altered; the elemental augmentation remains until the body part is removed, which can have some unfortunate side effects. Elemental augmentations come with some powerful advantages, but also carry some corresponding weaknesses, though these latter tend not to be too debilitating.9


Paizo published a book about the Elemental Planes titled Planes of Power that discusses the traditional four elements, and the book Rage of Elements which expanded the Elemental Planes and updated key concepts about elemental philosophy and practice.

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