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The ruined city of Ekbet in Osirion is known as Gralgor-Ot by its sphinx residents. The ancient ruins are protected by the timeless guardians called living monoliths. These magically enhanced sentinels, powered by the sphinxes, protect the ancient ruins.1


Ekbet was constructed in -3290 AR near the headwaters of Junira River. A holy site in Osirion's First Age, the gleaming city of temples and rune-carved towers, was guarded by the sphinxes. The sphinxes animated temple statues by affixing sacred ka stones to each statue's brow. The animated statues, known as living monoliths, defended the city well for almost two centuries, until a pair of earthquakes ruined Ekbet in -3115 AR. The city was abandoned for millennia and only a few surviving guardian monoliths patrolled the ruins even though the major temples had been swallowed up by the earth.2


The ruin's current inhabitants include the androsphinx oracle Phatep the Sagacious, who seeks heroic adventurers to pursue a solution to undead creatures emerging from a subterranean temple under the command of the twisted Abadaran mummy Hahtebket.2


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