Aspexia Rugatonn

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Aspexia Rugatonn

Grand High Priestess of Asmodeus
Source: Lost Treasures, pg(s). 32

Most High Aspexia Rugatonn holds the position of Grand High Priestess of Asmodeus on Golarion, from its headquarters in the capital of Cheliax.1 As the leader of the official state religion, Rugatonn is rightfully respected and feared by her peers, and only members of the ruling House Thrune would dare to challenge her directly.23 She is nominally in charge of the Midnight Temple in Egorian, though the duties of politics and the broader church mean she leaves its administration to a bureaucracy of priests, acolytes, and laity.1

Besides the full Church and the Temple, Rugatonn is also head of the Infernal Inquisition, which claims jurisdiction over a broad swathe of crimes against Asmodeus and subversive activity against the Infernal Compact, particularly in Egorian.4

Her son, Ludoviro Scarpo, who is also a cleric of Asmodeus, took his father's name in order to not been seen as riding his mother's coattails.5


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