Aspexia Rugatonn

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Aspexia Rugatonn
Titles Grand High Priestess of Asmodeus
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Human
Class Cleric 19
Gender Female
Homeland Egorian, Cheliax
Deity Asmodeus
Organization Church of Asmodeus in Cheliax

Source: Lost Treasures, pg(s). 32

Most High Aspexia Rugatonn holds the position of Grand High Priestess of Asmodeus in the nation of Cheliax. As the leader of the official state religion, Aspexia Rugatonn is rightfully respected and feared by her peers, and only members of the ruling House Thrune would dare to challenge her directly.[1][2]

Her son, Ludoviro Scarpo, who is also a cleric of Asmodeus, took his father's name in order to not been seen as riding his mother's coattails.[3]


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