Egobarius Plain

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The Egobarius Plain is a wide expanse of rolling grasslands in southern Cheliax. It sits between Westcrown (to the south) and Barrowood (to the north). Roads between Egorian and Westcrown stretch across the plain, a preferred method of travel due to the dangers of traversing the Adivian River.1

Although sparsely populated, the area is rife with bandits, making the area dangerous to traveling merchants. Hellknights from the Order of the Nail occasionally sweep the grasslands to drive out these criminals.

Centaurs have long made their home in these lands, ignoring the rest of Cheliax in favour of their own traditions and inter-tribal politics. The largest tribe is known as the Swifthooves, who sometimes provide aid to bandit victims and even interact with Chelish society.2

Maidrayne Vox, Hellknight and Mistress of Blades to the Order of the Nail, grew up on the Egobarius Plain.3