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General Gorthoklek in the Thrune throne room (standing to the right of the picture)

Source: Cheliax, Empire of Devils, pg(s). 7

General Gorthoklek is a powerful pit fiend who serves House Thrune in Egorian. He appeared sometime after the ascension of Abrogail Thrune II to the throne.

According to rumor, Abrogail II altered the infernal contract, originally signed by her great-grandmother, thus calling General Gorthoklek to the mortal plane. The devil serves as an adviser to the queen and an emissary to Asmodeus.

Those who have been in the court when he is present report that, while in court, Gorthoklek cloaks himself in human guise, although the aura of evil and power emanating him is both overwhelming and unmistakable. Apparently, Abrogail II is herself immune to this power giving rise to theories that she controls the pit fiend; although she takes careful heed of his advice, it is clear that she is the one who controls the direction of Chelish policy. Indeed, it is whispered that the devil reins in her worst impulses.12

Recently, General Gorthoklek fathered a half-fiend bastard, named Razorclaw, after a dalliance with a gargoyle matriarch. The offspring proved an embarrassment for the pit fiend due to its murderous tendencies, resulting in Gorthoklek sending minions to slay the monster. Although Razorclaw managed to evade the assassination attempt, he was forced to flee into the Darklands.3

The pit fiend shares its name with Fort Gorthoklek, a Chelish naval base in Hinji.4


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