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Citadel Demain

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The creation of Citadel Demain was approved by King Gaspodar in Rova of 4590 AR. Located just to the west of Egorian, at the heart of the Chelish empire, it became the headquarters of the Order of the Scourge in 4639 AR.[1]

Citadel Demain served as the home of the original order of the Hellknights. Its reconstruction in 4639 AR added huge meeting halls to host the leaders of the Hellknight orders during the knighthood's rare conclaves. Much of the innermost curtain was built using the ruins of the fortress that burned in the same location over 50 years ago. Its dark stones are still bearing the scars of the fire and are said to hold a strange warmth and traces of Hellknights—rent armor, blade scratches, or fused bone. Three moats ring the rising fortress, each connected by cascades and ascents. Unknown terrors live in Citadel Demain's moats and great submerged moat gates exist.[2]

Rumor has it that the lictors of Scourge are constructing a secret tunnel between Demain and a stronghold deep in the Barrowood, as insurance should Cheliax's rulers ever turn against the knighthood.[2]