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The Grand Convocation is the annual celebration of the Pathfinder Society held at its worldwide headquarters in the Grand Lodge of Absalom. Pathfinders journey here from all across the region and beyond to exchange stories of past journeys and discoveries, engage in friendly competition, and build connections.1 As the event acts as a celebration of the Society's greatest achievements, it has become a focus for its enemies, who frequently stage attacks during that time.2


At the first Grand Convocation in 4308 AR, held at a nearby bar called the Wounded Wisp, attendees decided that "Explore, Report, Cooperate" would become the Society's official motto. By the second Grand Convocation in 4309 AR, attendance had grown to include 150 field agents and 30 venture-captains, and members were exhorted to increase the Society's membership by each recruiting two new candidates before the next event. By the Grand Convocation of 4314 AR, the Pathfinder Society membership had grown to 500 active agents and 30 venture-captains, and it was clear that the Wounded Wisp could no longer serve as a venue due to its size. A search was made for a new site and it was discovered that the Blakros Museum would accommodate the growing numbers. The museum's owners, the Blakros family, agreed to host the Grand Convocation on the condition that it would become the sole place where the Society publicly displayed the countless artifacts its members discovered. This agreement led to the museum becoming the Society's long-term ally and a base of its operations, a relationship that continues to the present day.3

Creation of the Pathfinder Chronicles

As membership continued to grow, and Pathfinders ventured farther and farther abroad, it was no longer viable for every Pathfinder to return to Absalom for the Grand Convocation and recount their discoveries. They instead submitted their annual reports in writing, with their accountings read aloud by designated representatives. These absentee submissions were eventually collected and gathered into tomes that became the first Pathfinder Chronicles, initially published in 4317 AR.3

Attacks during Convocations

Attacks during the Grand Convocation by the Society's enemies, including the most recent ones in 4712 and 4715 AR,45 have become so common that a snide expression has developed among Pathfinders: "dressed for the Convocation". It implies that someone is well-armed and expecting trouble.6 Due to the frequent attacks, the Grand Lodge has begun to offer Pathfinders specific training on how to defend the Grand Lodge.2


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