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Karisa Starsight
Karisa Starsight.


The slaver Kolm Redarax found the infant Karisa Starsight1 aboard a derelict Bonuwat ship, and he was so taken by her unexplained presence and strikingly blue eyes that he adopted her as his daughter. She worked hard aboard that ship, tending to the slaves her adoptive father shuttled from port to port. Whereas he saw these souls as chattel, she quietly grew to respect and pity them. As she reached adulthood, Karisa struggled between her love and loyalty for her father and the plights of the people he bought and sold.2

Several years ago, Andoren privateers known as the Gray Corsairs assaulted their ship, subduing the crew and freeing the slaves. When the Corsairs' captain was on the verge of slaying Redarax, Karisa intervened, swearing her own life, service, and freedom to Andoran in exchange for his life. Not wanting to condemn the young woman to anything resembling slavery, the captain provided a different offer: she could instead apprentice to an upstanding Eagle Knight, and Redarax would live out his sentence in an Andoren prison. Karisa eagerly accepted.2

Her mentor was none other than Major Colson Maldris, and she has excelled as his aide. Over the past year, her duties have more resembled those of a steward, overseeing some of the Liberty's Edge faction's operations while Maldris travelled farther afield. Even so, there is a side of Maldris that she is only now uncovering as she tries to find his current whereabouts and holds together the initiatives he set in motion. All the while she wonders at the irony that no matter his morals, Karisa's father is in chains while she promotes liberty in the Inner Sea region and beyond.2


Karisa Starsight has a much more intimate familiarity with the Liberty's Edge faction's operations, which inclines her toward making changes and executing missions "within the system" while also watching for hypocrisies that undermine the faction's goals. She has solid connections within the Eagle Knights without being one herself. She is also self-reflective. Her childhood on the seas leaves her ready to tackle threats head-on when needed.2


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  1. In July 2017, the organized play team launched a contest called Leaders in Liberty to name and detail a new character in Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild canon. The team invited the community to vote on the best candidate. In mid October 2017, the winner was announced as Karisa Starsight as presented by Sam Sampson.
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