Crystal dragon

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Crystal dragon
Caliclotherax, a crystal dragon.

(earth, extraplanar)
2–18 (by age category)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 98

Crystal dragons are native to the Elemental Plane of Earth. They are one example of the extraplanar true dragons known as primal dragons.1


Crystal dragons sometimes appear as if they are scaled in precious gems. In other cases, they appear to have been carved from living crystal.2

Habitat and society

Crystal dragons are solitary creatures. They are basically benevolent but are incredibly vain about their appearance, quick to take offence at slights both real and imagined.1

They prefer to establish their lairs next to deposits of precious minerals, and enjoy trading gems and metals for crafted items, especially magical ones. They often serve as self-appointed kings to nearby populations, who gain in security what they lose in freedom. Occasionally, a crystal dragon will challenge a nearby rival, but the resulting conflicts are usually fought by the two dragons personally—their vassals are not expected to get involved.2

Crystal dragons' domains often form into multiracial confederations comprised of several individual kingdoms, which are often home to races such as dwarves, janns, elemental scamps,3 oreads, and exiled jabalis.4 Crystal dragons are fiercely protective of their domains, and provide the people living within them with freedom from the slavery common within jabali society.5

Relations with the Peerless Empire, the large jabali empire on the Plane of Earth, are generally peaceful, as the jabalis are too busy with their war with ifrits6 to wish to antagonize the dragons.7


As with all true dragons, crystal dragons gain in power as they age. They have formidable physical abilities, and as they age they gain spell-like abilities and sorcerous spellcasting.

The crystalline scales of older dragons can potentially reflect magical rays back upon the spellcaster. The very oldest dragons have scales of such scintillating colour that they can stun those who see them.

A crystal dragon's breath creates a cone of sonic energy that is less physically damaging than those of other dragons.1

Notable crystal dragons

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