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Supreme Elect

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The crest of Andoran

The Supreme Elect is the leader of the People's Council, the governing body of the nation of Andoran.[1]


The Supreme Elect is appointed by the members of the People's Council, following the election of new representatives every five years.[1]


As head of the People's Council, the Supreme Elect leads the Council's biannual meetings and special sessions. The Supreme Elect is also the leader of Andoran's Executive Office, and serves as the mayor of the nation's capital city of Almas.[1][2]


The Supreme Elect's offices and residence are located in the Citadel of the Supreme Elect, a small, walled keep on the western end of the Field of Concord in Almas. The fortress is protected by an entire battalion of Steel Falcons.[3]


The Supreme Elect is advised by a group of 30 appointed ministers known as the Demarchy Assembly, who are chosen by lottery from a pool of eligible candidates from all over Andoran. Their offices are in the House of the Demarchy Assembly on the grounds of the Citadel of the Supreme Elect. The Supreme Elect is advised on religious matters (both personal and those pertaining to policy) by the Supreme Vicar, but unlike the Demarchy Assembly, the Supreme Vicar is chosen directly by the People's Council.[4][3] The Supreme Elect is advised on military matters by his consuls, a group of advisors he himself selects.[4]

Notable individuals

Codwin I of Augustana 
Codwin I is a paladin of Iomedae and the current Supreme Elect of Andoran. Initially elected in 4704 AR, Codwin proved so well-liked that he was elected to a second term.[2][5].

While his first reelection was by a landslide, his second reelection in 4712 AR was by a narrower margin. Others in the government have proposed limits on the term of the Supreme Elect, fearing corruption will follow unrestrained power.[4]