Nivakta's Crossing

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Nivakta's Crossing
Nation Brevoy
Region Rostland
Size Village
Population 140
Demographics 110 humans, 15 gnomes, 10 dwarves, 5 others
Government Autocracy
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Ruler Lord Mayor Irven Revanisu

Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 11f.

Nivakta's Crossing is a village at the very southern edge of Rostland situated on the northern bank of the Shrike River and overlooking the Stolen Lands of the River Kingdoms to its south.[1]


The village is protected by a wooden palisade wall surrounding it. The South Rostland Road runs through the village, as does the road leading to the newly established settlement at Varnhold. This latter road crosses a low, fortified bridge across the Shrike.[1]


The town is home to trappers, anglers, hunters and tradesmen. The locals are a serious bunch and very suspicious of strangers especially those from the south, i.e., the Stolen Lands.[1]

Senior inhabitants include:[1]


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