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{{Brevoy navbox}} should contain all settlements, geographical features, and significant points of interest in Brevoy. Less prominent locations, such as individual buildings within a settlement or less prominent subfeatures of a larger geographical feature, should be described in the corresponding article.

Expansion Targets



  • Brunderton, Eagle's Watch, Grayhaven, Highdelve, New Stetven, Port Ice, Restov, Silverhall, Stoneclimb, Winterbreak1
  • Nivakta's Crossing2
  • Skywatch3


Rivers & Waterways

  • Awzera River, Choral River, East Sellen River, Gray River, Icerime River, Little Icerime River, Lake of Mists and Veils, Ravenroost River, Lake Reykal, Silver River, Stetven River, Winterbreak Bay4
  • Shrike River5

Hills & Mountains

  • Golushkin Mountains, Icerime Peaks, Valley of Fire4
  • Mount Veshka6

Other Features

  • Acuben Isle, Claw Point, Gronzi Forest, Rostland Plains4

Noble Families

  • House Garess, House Lebeda, House Lodovka, House Medvyed, House Orlovsky, House Rogarvia, House Surtova4
  • House Khavortorov7