Quarterfaux Archives

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The Quarterfaux Archives is located in Caliphas, Ustalav, and serves as an academy for young nobles and home to the royal collection of artifacts and documents.[1][2] Its vaults contain relics and curios numbering in the hundreds of thousands, but only a fraction of these are publicly displayed, while access to the full collection requires the express permission of the conservative head curator, Regan Saramul.[2]

A hidden basement section of the Quarterfaux Archives has also secretly served as a stronghold of the Whispering Way since before the days of the Shining Crusade.[3] This is unbeknownst to the Archives' curators, at least one of whom, Abraun Chalest, is a member of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye.[4]

The Quarterfaux Archives is also one of the few institutions on Golarion to house one of the rare and mysterious astralabes, devices of enormous utility to those seeking to explore the planes of the Great Beyond.[5]


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