Juggernaut robot

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Juggernaut robot

Any (Numeria)
Source: Palace of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 88

Juggernaut robots are gargantuan robots that resemble humanoids, and are easily the rarest of those in Numeria. They guard the larger splinters of the crashed Divinity and seem to have such a close relationship to gearsman robots that they refuse to attack them.1


A juggernaut robot is made from a strange iron-like alloy, containing a single ovoid eye, bizarre electronics, and delicate sensors. It rises to a height of 50 feet and weighs well over 100 tons. Oversized fists crackle with lightning, and a heavy laser cannon is built into each arm. The juggernaut robot's central eye emits a death ray that turns all into fine green dust, but this attack has to be telegraphed by a series of swirling lights and high-pitched whines resembling an exploding teapot.1

On Golarion

Most juggernaut robots on Golarion are found deep within Silver Mount, out of reach for most scavengers. Only a few that have been reclaimed by the Technic League still retain functionality. The two most notable specimens are the Living Monument, which guards a cosmic shard, is worshipped by a Kellid tribe who opposes the Technic League and has no desire to claim the shard, and in turn regards the Kellids as gearsmen; and Specimen One, an inert juggernaut robot disassembled and reassembled by the Technic League which successfully reanimated only the robot's head, which now calculates how it can escape this pathetic existence.1


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