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Director robot

Any (Numeria)
Source: The Divinity Drive, pg(s). 88

Director robots are robots programmed with a remarkably advanced artificial intelligence for the task of breaking down the goals of their superiors into simple instructions for other robots, ensuring efficiency, productivity, and obedience while protecting from corruption.1


The director robot's torso rests upon an egg-shaped pod loaded with manipulators and thin mechanical tendrils. Its four legs can carry it across any terrain and cling magnetically to vertical surfaces. The torso sports two human-like arms, while two powerful tentacles extend from below the frame. The director's entire frame stands over ten feet tall and weighs nearly half a ton.1

On Golarion

Most director robots on Golarion reside in Silver Mount, while others direct other robots used by the Technic League in Starfall. Tightly guarded reports held by the Technic League claim that a rogue director robot has taken over a lab in a splinter of the Divinity, where it builds a secret army of robot minions.1


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