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Evaluator robot

Any (Numeria)
Source: The Divinity Drive, pg(s). 90

Evaluator robots are robots designed by the humans of Androffa to secretly plan direct contact with assess alien cultures, usually pre-spaceflight ones, by asking questions, comparing the answers to profiles of existing cultures, and wiping their memories from the subjects.1


Most evaluator robots are fashioned into the forms of angels slightly taller than the humanoids they were tasked to interact with so as to appear majestic and pleasing to them. Made from sophisticated lightweight materials, they weigh under 400 pounds.1

Evaluator robots tested their own designs through trial and error by paying close attention to religions: they discovered that the residents of many worlds held respect for angels, so Androffan engineers built the majority of evaluator robots in this form.1

On Golarion

Nearly every evaluator robot in the Inner Sea region has been found in Silver Mount. One of them, designed to resemble a cornugon, was destroyed by a Kellid tribe in the Sellen Hills, and another reportedly resembling a six-armed, three-faced, bronze-skinned woman was spotted briefly by griffon riders at Castle Urion before it headed south into the River Kingdoms.1


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