Octopod mechanic drone

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Octopod mechanic drone
Type Construct
CR 13
Environment Any

Source: Construct Handbook, pg(s). 56–57

Octopod mechanic drones, also known as heavy repair drones and nicknamed clocktopuses, are octopus-like repair robots with eight arms all capable of fine manipulation.[1][2][3] They can anchor themselves to the ground, allowing them to use all eight arms simultaneously to repair machinery. They can communicate loudly and directly to other robots, and have a natural ability to coordinate robots under their command to operate with maximum efficiency. An octopod mechanic drone is about six feet tall and weighs around 750 pounds, and its tentacles are about ten feet long.[3]

On Golarion

Octopod mechanic drones were on board the Divinity, an Androffan starship that crashed into Numeria millennia ago,[2] and are sometimes encountered inside the Silver Mount in Starfall.[4]