Mannequin robot

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Mannequin robot

Any (Numeria)
Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 57

Mannequin robots are a type of robots designed to look and behave like humans, and the precursors of androids.1


Mannequin robots superficially resemble humans, but with obviously synthetic bodies, subtly wrong appearance, and jerky, mechanical movement. Mannequin robots vary in size and shape as much as humans, and weigh at least 200 pounds because of their metallic endoskeletons.1


Mannequin robots were designed on the assumption that humans would find human-looking robots more comfortable to work next to than conventional ones. The assumption was wrong: human workers found the mannequins too similar and yet fundamentally different enough to be disturbing, and distrusted them. Though many were produced, the line was ultimately deemed a failure and succeeded by a true artificial humanoid: the android.1


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