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Fixer robot
Tryg, a fixer robot.

Any (Numeria)
Source: Paizo Blog

A fixer robot1 is a round robot small enough to fit in a pack, with a single yellow eye that can stretch from its spherical body, a pair of rolling treads, and four spindly arms ending in three-fingered grips. Its form grants it surprising dexterity even in rough terrain, though its small size limits its speed. The eye is surrounded by strange markings similar to those found on other Androffan technology2 and, indeed, the robot can only understand and speak the Androffan language.3


Fixer robots possesses an integrated set of tools in the chassis that can reconfigure into nearly any cutting, grasping, or drilling device. As part of its built-in toolkit, a fixer robot is outfitted with an integrated laser torch that it can use to cut through minor barriers. When activated, the torch emits a beam of highly focused light, cutting and burning through surfaces up to six inches away. The integrated laser torch is mounted inside one of the robot's appendages. The laser torch may be used as a tool, or as a weapon to sunder opponents' weapons. The laser torch's cutting beam passes through force fields without damaging the field and cannot harm invisible objects and creatures.3


  1. Adam Daigle, commenting about the Paizo Blog regarding this robot, stated, I'd say the monster name would be fixer robot. Tryg (to me at least, Amber might have a different take on it) was originally designed to be a repair-bot. He's got all those extra arms and I gave him that tool special ability because that's what it seemed like that kind of robot would be good at.
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