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Type Outsider
(native, oni, reptilian, shapechanger)
CR 8
Environment Warm forests or mountains

Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 250

Najikai[1] are an oni species that take the form of nagaji.[2]


A najikai resembles a scaly humanoid with long venomous fangs, claws, and unblinking reptilian eyes.[2]


A najikai will often pretend to be a mighty nagaji warrior and infiltrate one of their settlements with the ultimate goal of replacing the naga ruler. With shows of strength and cunning, the najikai earns the naga's attention and a position of direct service to it. The najikai seeks to betray the naga as soon as possible and succeed it, ruling as a tyrant over the disgraced nagaji who failed their leader.[2]


  1. The singular and plural of najikai are the same.
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