Snow oni

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Snow oni
Ice yai
A snow oni.

Snow oni,1 also referred to as ice yai,234 are sinister oni who combine the brutality of a frost giant with the grace and style of a skilled martial artist.1


An snow oni resembles a blue-skinned giant and has three eyes, fangs, and claws. Their hair seems to be formed of delicate strands of ice.1


A snow oni prefers to fight in melee using their fists and jaws, though they are also capable of launching darts of magical ice. The vision of their third eye can pierce through snow, and they can summon a bolt of frozen lightning that freezes the air in a wide area to generate a concealing flurry of snow. When they land punches in rapid succession, their innate cold can slow their victim.1

Like all oni, snow oni can change their shape and fly, but also panic in the presence of beans.1


Snow oni live in isolation and hone their bodies into living weapons in ways that resemble aestheticism, but like all oni they are hedonistic by nature and crave heated baths, powerful beverages, and the flesh of humanoids.1


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