Mountain oni

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Mountain oni
Ogre mage1E
A mountain oni.

Mountain oni, also known as onidoshi and ogre mages,1 are the most common sort of oni—a spirit cloaked in living flesh, manifested in the form resembling an ogre. Mountain oni are often leaders of subjugated communities, while others become lone marauders who hold whole villages as hostages and demand regular tributes in the form of gold, food, or flesh to feed their endless hungers.2


Ninjas accompany a mountain oni.

Mountain oni resemble ogres of a more noble and intelligent mien. They possess jagged tusks and gleaming eyes, and wear beautiful, ornate armor and wield massive tetsubo clubs.2


Like all oni, mountain oni can change their shape and fly, but also panic in the presence of beans. Their testubo strikes land with unnaturally loud thunderous reverberations strong enough to move those adjacent to them.3


Mountain oni originated in Tian Xia but have also become common in the Inner Sea region, where they are the best-known type of oni.4 Mountain oni lusts are responsible for small pockets of oni-spawn cambions in both the Hold of Belkzen and Cheliax, where they have historically served as mercenaries.5


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